Friday February 1st 2013

A. Ohs- tech
Ohs 6×3

B. 20min amrap
5x ohs
10x ring dips
15x box jump
20x ring row
25x air squats

The CrossFit Open is now open for registration!
We want all members at North Head to register and get involved.
Make sure you affiliate to us CrossFit North Head!!!!!

Thursday January 31st 2013

Run warm up. (Dynamic stretching)

A. 4x400m run.
Rest 1min.

B. Partner Kbs 25x swings otm for 6mins.
Work:rest with partner.

C. “Tabata something else”

Tyre pushes
Hand release push up
Tyre jumps
Slam ball

Wednesday January 30th 2013

A. Hang squat clean- technique

B. 3-5x hang squat cleans emotm for 8mins

C. Toes to rings-kipping technique

D. 5 rounds for time
9x Pull ups
7x Toes to rings
5x Front squat (clean the bar)

Tuesday January 29th 2013

Run warm up (dynamic stretching)

A. 10x 100m sprint (10x200m row sprint)

B. Double Kb clean, squat and press technique.

C. For time.
From the gym with a set of kb.
Farmers walk to biggest loser ground. (8x laps of the gym)
Once there.
5 rounds
400m run (row 350m)
10x double kb. Clean, squat and press
Then farmer carry back to gym. (8x laps of gym)

Monday January 27th 2013

A. Deadlift 2x emotm for 10mins. Hand release each rep

B. 10 rounds for total working time.
20x Front rack Barbell walking lunges 20/15kg
10x Burpees
Rest 30 seconds between rounds.

Saturday 26th January 2013


In teams of two:
2 rounds of
20-30x burpees each- partner holds kb goblet squat
Partner carry 40m

2 rounds of
20-30x wall balls each.
20-30x Kbs 24/16kg – partner holds push up position
5-10x rope walk ups

10x oh walk around the pull up rig 20/10kg

Friday January 25th 2013

Graham Holmberg PB Snatch 119kg @CrossFit North Head


A. Power snatch- tech

5min amrap
10x slam ball
10x calorie row
Rest 1min
5min amrap
5-10x clap push up
150m run
Rest 1min
5min amrap
10x pistols
5x Burpee

Thursday January 24th 2013

A. Back Squat 5×5

Using one dumb bell. 20/15kg
6 rounds of 2mins on, 1min off
5x clean
5x press
5x snatch
Then change arms

Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Current timetable January 2013

A. Power clean & Push Jerk – tech
Daily max effort

15min Amrap
10-30x double unders (depending on level)
10x box jump 24″/20″
5x power clean and jerk 60/40kg