Friday 1st March 2013

A. Power clean and push jerk- tech
B. Power clean and push jerk 15mins to find max for the day.
C. “Grace has the hiccups”
30x clean and jerks 60/40kg
Emotm do 4x burpees
Complete in as few rounds as possible.
Start with Burpees

Thursday 28th February 2013

A. “Steveo” (20mins)
5 rounds of:
Max reps- Bodyweight bench press (scale to weight close to 5rm if needed)
Max reps- Ring Dips (scale as needed)

B. 3 rounds (10 mins)
8x reverse lunges
10x ghd sit ups

C.2x Tabata rounds (rest 1min between rounds)
alternate between exercises.
20 sec on, 10 sec off x8 rounds.
Shuttle run 20m
Slam ball

Wednesday 27th February 2013

A. Handstand push up -tech
B. Deadlift 3×3 – keep technique perfect. No tap n go. Reset each rep. (15mins)
C. Bradshaw
10 rounds for time.
3x handstand push-ups
1x deadlift 100/70kg
12x pull-ups/ring rows
24x double-unders (72x skips)

Tuesday 26th February 2013


A. Hang snatch- tech
B. hang snatch work to moderate triple, keep technique over weight. (20mins)
C. “Isabel does double unders”
30x snatches, 60/30kg
Emotm do 10-20x double unders depending on skill.
Scale to 10x box jumps if DONT have double unders.
Start with double unders

Monday. 25th February 2013


A. Squat clean- tech. 3×2 (10mins)
B. push jerk- tech. 3×2 (10mins)
C. “Hammer”
Five rounds of:
Rest 90 seconds between rounds. Score each round for time.
Complete in as short a time as possible.
Using one bar 60/40kg
5x power clean,
10x front squat,
5x jerk,
20x pull ups -scale to ring rows if needed.

Saturday 23rd February 2013


A. Partner band sprints 10x10m
B. in teams of 2.
600m run
50x Burpee jump over your partner
100x high five push ups
150x over partner frog jumps/broad jumps
200x partner wall ball (one throws one catches)
100m wheel barrow walk/partner carry (4x laps of the room)
600m run

Friday 22nd February 2013

A. Kipping pull ups- tech
B. death by pull up. 1rep in 1st min, 2reps in 2nd min…10reps in 10th min
Till failure.
C. Death by thrusters 60/40kg
D. Tabata hollow rocks

Thursday 21st February 2013


Look forward to seeing some new faces in the classes, now that February foundations is finished!

A. 30x Back squat with empty bar. 3sec pause at the bottom of each rep
B. 3x back squats emotm for 6mins @60-70% of max back squat
C. For max reps using one kb
5min lateral jumps over kb
1min rest
4min kettle bell swing
1min rest
3min kb push press
1min rest
2min kb thrusters
1min rest
1min Burpee

Wednesday 20th February 2013

A. Push Jerk- tech
B. 3-4x push jerk emotm for 6mins
C. 15 min amrap
5x push jerk
7x t2b/ t2r
9x wall balls

Tuesday 19th February 2013


A. Cluster- squat clean to thruster 15 min to find a max. Bar starts on the floor.
B. wall walk- tech
C. 5 rounds for time
400m run
5x clusters 60/40kg
5x wall walks