Thursday 1st August 2013

A. Back squat 5×7
B. 15min amrap
10x back squats 60/80kg
15x push up
10x wall ball
10-30x double unders

Wednesday 31st July 2013

Ok guys I’m back online, sorry for not updating the workout of the day for the last week, for some reason I couldn’t get access to the site in the US!

I also have the next batch of hoodies now, they will be at the gym on Friday.

So here is today’s WOD!

A. Superset
DB bent over row 4×6 each arm
Ring row 4×20

B. 4 rounds for time
Run 1km
10x ring dips
12x burpees
15x box jumps

Monday 22nd July 2013

Today we are going to test your back squat!
Lets see how much you’ve improved your PB over the last four weeks…
This is where the magic happens.
Please post your new and previous Max. I’m away this week so really want to know how you all go.

Meanwhile in Kazakstan …

20 year old, 83kg bodyweight raw lifter Natalya Kuzmina squats 225kg!

Back Squat- max for the day
21-15-9 for time
Kbs 32/24kg
Double unders

Saturday 20th July 2013

How’s your legs going?
Three weeks into squat cycle!
Only one week to go…

A. Strict press+ push press 5x 1+2
B. for time
*using one kb
50x Russian kbs
40x single arm push press (20x each arm)
30x goblet front squat
20x kbs
10x goblet thrusters
20x kbs
30x goblet front squat
40x single arm push press (20x each arm)
50x Russian kbs

Friday 18th July 2013

A. Back Squat 7×5 @85%

B. “Diane”
Deadlift 100/75kg

Thursday 18th July 2013

How was Narf?????

A. Hang Clean + hip clean & jerk 5x 1+1+1

Meanwhile in Russia….

B. 6 intervals of 2mins on, 2min off
10x push up- hand release
10x burpee broad jump
10x Russian kbs – heaviest possible

Wednesday 17th July 2013

Hahaha….this might hurt a little!

A. Front Squat 5×7 @80%

9-15-21 for time
Thrusters 42.5/30kg
Pull ups

Tuesday 16th July 2013

A. Hang snatch + hip snatch 5x 1+1

B. 6 intervals of 2mins on, 2mins off
10x burpees
12x slam ball – heaviest possible
15x wall ball (unbroken)

Monday 15th July 2013

A. Back squat 4×9 @80%

B. 3x 5min amrap
10-30x double unders
10x walking lunges
10x ring rows
3x wall walks

Rest 2mins

Saturday 13th July 2013

A. Front Squat 5×7 @80%

4min cap- 2min rest
6min cap- 2min rest
8min cap

Run 200m
5x hspu
10x pistols
15x pull up

*only run once at the beginning of every round