Ok so today we start our new training cycle. The first of four training blocks to get us all ready for the CrossFit Open in March 2014!

Training block 1. Aerobic Capacity
For the next four weeks we will begin our training towards the CrossFit open in March 2014.
The first training block will be aerobic capacity. The outcomes for this block with be to build your engine. There will be lots of longer met cons and “on the minute” work, this will build volume moving loads while fatigued. What I want you to get an idea of is what is 70-80% of your work capacity and how you feel when your there! then maintaining that intensity for 20+ minutes.
Also we will squat a lot again this cycle, leg/hip/glute power is the keys to strength so get ready to build your legs.

Week 1.
Monday 11th November 2013
A. Back Squat: Comfortable single 95% effort.

B. -20% of A do 1×5 with 3 second pause at the bottom of each rep.

Alternating Emotm 20mins
5x Thruster 60/40kg
10x c2b Pull up

Emotm 20mins
5x Thruster 45/30kg
10x pull up

Emotm 20mins
5x Thruster 35/20kg
15x ring row